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Aesthetics: Botox and Dermal Fillers


  • Treatment of active lines
  • A muscle immobilizer is injected into different muscles to stop the forming of wrinkles
  • We offer the latest techniques and best treatment options for you.

We can treat the following :

  • Horizontal Forehead lines
  • Crowsfeet lines (Lateral Chantal)
  • Glabellar Frown Lines
  • Temporal Brow Lift
  • Nasal Flare
  • Facial Asymmetry
  • Upper Lip Wrinkling (Smokers Lines)
  • Nasalabial Folds
Doctor Willie Storm GP Table View Sport Injuries Botox Silhouette Soft Threading
Doctor Willie Storm GP Table View Sport Injuries Botox Silhouette Soft Threading


  • Treatment of passive lines
  • Fillers fill the wrinkles from the inside out

We can treat the following problem areas:

  • Cheek Enhancements
  • Smokers Line
  • Lip Plumping
  • Nasolabial Folds
  • Chin Enhancements

Skin Rejuvenation

We offer medical neostrata glycolic acid skin renewal peels. The procedure rapidly removes the damaged layer of surface skin cells - revealing fresh skin and stimulating cell rebuilding. This procedure can help the skin appear smoother , healthier, plumper and tighter.

We stock neostrata a scientifically advanced clinically proven skincare recommended by your doctor to visibly resurface, restore and refine  your skin so you look and feel beautiful as you see a noticeable change in your skin.

We also stock heliocare  sun protection range - it is more than a sunscreen - blocks out both uvb and uva radiation, is formulated with antioxidants to fight damaging free radicals and it stimulates the collagen of the skin, a novel anti- aging  effect.


FDA Approved - both clinical and aesthetic.  Continually studied and monitored to ensure your safety

Also used to treat excessive sweating and migraines.

More Information About Botox and Dermal Fillers

What is Botox?

Botox is the abbreviated form of Clostridium botulinum, a neurotoxic protein. Botox essentially stops the nerve impulses in the muscles that it is injected into. This causes that particular muscle to relax and curb the severity of its contractions. As the muscle cannot contract fully, the wrinkles are forced to ease and relax too. As Botox works its way out of the body, its effects begin to dwindle, but the fine lines and wrinkles that were targeted will lessen over time as the Botox teaches the muscles to relax.

Results from Botox injections are seen within three to then days and will last for three to six months. The accepted method of administering Botox is via a thin needle that injects the serum into the specific muscles that is being targeted. The patient will not need anaesthetic and the process takes only a few minutes to complete. Generally, men need a slightly higher dose of Botox and can expect their procedure to take a little while longer.

To lessen the chances of bruising, it is recommended that patients are stay away from anti-inflammatory medicines as well as any medication that has aspirin in it. And it is also a good idea to be tee-total for a week before their Botox appointment. Please do not use Botox if you are pregnant or breast feeding.

It is important for a trained, health professional to administer Botox as they will have a full understanding as to which muscles need to be paralysed and will be aware of possible side effects with other medications and allergic reactions.

What are the expected side effects of Botox?

Bruising around the area is to be expected, but should only last a couple of days. Other lesser side effects are:

  • Heartburn
  • Influenza-like symptoms
  • Breathing difficulties
  • Headaches
  • Queasiness
  • A droop in the top eyelid known as blepharoptosis

While Botox is a wonderful product to remove unwanted fine lines and wrinkles, it should be noted that a small percentage of patients develop an inability to know when to stop applying Botox to their bodies. These patients develop an unhealthy obsession with fine lines and overuse Botox to the point that their faces can no longer communicate what they are feeling. This syndrome is commonly called wrinklerexia.

Other benefits of Botox

Botox is essentially an organised weakening in a muscle. This allows it to be used for many medicinal purposes:

  • Lazy eyes
  • Uncontrolled blinking. Also called Blepharospasm.
  • Cervical Dystonia. This is an ailment that leads to the muscles in the shoulders and necks contracting too severely.
  • Migraine headaches.
  • Excessive underarm sweating.
  • Overactive bladders. It has been shown to greatly improve the quality of life for people struggling with this disorder.
  • Misaligned eyes or Strabismus

What are Dermal Fillers?

Dermal fillers come in various forms and can be temporary or semi-permanent. Temporary fillers will last from 3-5 months and semi-permanent fillers are expected to last around two years. Depending on the manner in which the patient’s face ages and how long it takes for their body to absorb the filler will determine how often the patient needs to return for another treatment.

Dermal fillers may be used to correct furrows and wrinkles and plump lips for a more youthful appearance. Fillers may also be used to decrease the depth of a scar. If a patient has an allergic reaction to a filler or decides to alter their appearance, the fillers can easily be dissolved.

Using autologous fat (fat that is from the patient’s own body) as a dermal filler guarantees that the patient will not have an allergic reaction or reject the filler. This is a longer process as liposuction will be the first procedure the patient needs to undergo.

Collagen is another option for a dermal filler. It is a natural protein that is found in teeth, cartilage and bones. Using skin that has been collected from a cadaver as a dermal filler is a good option if the patient needs to fill hollow or gaunt areas in the face.

Lastly, hyaluronic acid is another dermal filler. It can also be used to ease arthritis by injecting it into painful joints. Calcium hydroxylapatite is naturally found in human bones. It is the heaviest of dermal fillers and works best for deep creases and to create fuller cheeks.

Polylactic acid is a synthetic substance that stimulates your body to produce collagen when it is injected as a dermal filler. Polymethylmethacrylate is considered a semi-permanent filler. It is a synthetic substance used for folds and wrinkles that are medium to deep.

If the patient is opting for a dermal filler from a non-human base, an allergy test is required before the filler procedure can take place.

What are the expected side effects of dermal fillers?

The patient can recommence normal activities straight after a dermal filler treatment, as long as they are aware of the area that were treated and do not rub.

  • Patients that use autologous fat as a filler may have an ‘over-filled’ appearance for a little while until the filler settles.
  • Bruising and swelling at the site of the filler is normal and should last a few days.
  • Temporary numbness and paralysis of the facial muscles that were treated.
  • Skin sensitivity at the area of the filler for a few days.
Doctor Willie Storm GP Table View Sport Injuries Botox Silhouette Soft Threading

Doctor Storm is a qualified botox and dermal filler specialist, since 2002.

Doctor Storm attends aesthetic congresses and regular training courses on latest botox and filler techniques.

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