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Family Doctor and General Practice

A general practitioner is a medical professional who has been trained to treat common medical and chronic conditions and to provide preventative care through immunisations and health education.

General practitioners are also often essential in early detection and are able to refer their patients to specialists when they require specialist care.

As a doctor who will be alongside your family in the long term, it is important to choose the right general practitioner for your family. While it can be difficult to decide which general practitioner will meet the needs of your family, asking yourself these questions will help.

Doctor Storm is an experienced general practitioner with broad knowledge of general practice preventative medicine and family healthcare.

We are dedicated to providing excellent medical care and we especially value our relationship with our patients as integral to good thorough medical care.

A well equipped procedure room is available for minor procedures under local anaesthetic e.g. suturing of lacerations and treatment of skin lesions (excision, electro cauterization and cryocauterization).

Family Doctor and General Practitioner GP Cape Town Dr Willie Storm

We are able to do routine annual medical tests like stress-ECG and computer-based lung functions and required tests for insurance medical examinations with ECG equipment.

Doctor Storm has a broad knowledge of children's illnesses and he has a keen interest in the treatment of allergies and is an experienced family doctor in Cape Town.

Family Doctor and General Practitioner GP Cape Town Dr Willie Storm

Dr. Willie Storm has been practicing medicine for 25 years in South Africa and has a well-equipped procedure room for minor procedures, as well as PC-based lung functions and stress-ECG tests.

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